Dead Planet

by blankscreen

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released November 20, 2016

Written, recorded, and mixed by Evan Moore



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dead Planet
Riding my hover bike through Celestial Heights,
It used to be a glorified old folks' community
Shells of buildings that threaten to collapse
Barely kept aloft by solar propellers and hydrogen sacks,
And steel girders exposed like bones through broken arms,
This is the closest to heaven any of them ever got

The isolated silence, a chill runs up the hairs on the back of my neck
A crumbling sound and a looming shadow,
One tall structure sways into another
They collide, and plummet to the radiation-ridden museum
Of skulls and ash below
The isolated silence, the moon above me
Flickering lights, a population one-sixth its historical size
A dissonant melody ringing no reprise
I like to get away

My oxygen tank signals low
A vibrating pocket beckons a return to the landing platform
I swerve, pivot on an aerial dime,
A second held for eternity and lost in time
I like to get away to this dead planet,
Whose moon is the closest to Heaven
Any of us will ever get